The more you know, the more you grow. The more you grow, the more you GLOW.

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Self Love University is always 100% free to enroll.

You will find many free resources including podcasts, courses and blog posts. We have unique bite-sized lessons for anyone just wanting to try out a specific subject as well as mini and premium courses.

Anyone looking for the tools and opportunity to learn to love yourself, to continue a personal and spiritual journey, to promote energy healing in themselves and others...this is the place for you.

Self Love University is a Growing Content Library and Constantly Adding New Courses

“Making resources and courses available to help you make changes that carry you through each and every day, in real time and real life. That’s what Self Love University is all about. Self Love takes work to achieve but when you do, the reward is everlasting!

That’s why Self Love University is dedicated to helping you build Self Love, to raising your vibrational frequency, to putting Spiritual principles in the forefront and giving you a solid foundation to build on the rest of your life”


Where your end result means living life at the highest vibrations and finally having the freedom to be YOU. The Universe delivers what you ask for, make sure you’re sending the right messages. When your energy reaches a high vibrational frequency, your alignment with the Universe sends the right messages. Learn to build Self Love and change your life one energy vibration at a time.

The Best of Self Love University

Mind, Body & Soul

Blending the mind, body and Soul isn’t always easy. Self Love University helps you find your way towards this beautiful alignment


Articles, audios, visual imagery created to re-energize your soul and passion for wanting it all and getting it all

Self Love Building

Dedicated resources to helping you build a solid foundation of Self Love based on Spiritual practices which in turn raises your energy frequency higher

Real Life Tools

Self-improvement tools are only useful if you can apply them to real life situations and the resources here help you do that

The Best Version of You

Only when you’re truly free to be who you are will you vibrate at the highest frequencies sending out light and receiving back the same

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