Spiritual Principles of Self Love

Spiritual Principles of Self Love

Remember the following spiritual principles as you continue to grow and build a solid foundation for Self Love (that eventually creates a loving yourself lifestyle). I've included a separate PDF file for you to download. Print it out, put it up in a place you see everyday.I highly encourage you to make this a daily practice as you journey into a new Self Love lifestyle.

Read these words everyday. Read them outloud. Read them with purpose. Know these words are shifting energy within you. And know I'm here to encourage and support you every step of the way on your journey into Self Love.

Love is all there is.

Love is what you are.

Love is the only energy that has the capacity to create anything.

Love is constantly on the move as the only creative force of all.

Love is the energetic force that nurtures your expansion as a Soul

Love is what seeks to extend itself through you so that it can create.

Love needs to Love, in order to expand and extend.

The energetic frequency of Self Love is of a very high vibration found in the upper layers of the Love vibrational mass of Love.

Alignment with the frequency of Self Love will ignite a greater expansion of the Soul and its ability for Love to extend through it.

Self Love is the acknowledgement that Love is always the answer to all ills and must be achieved in order to access from the highest frequencies of the energetic force of Love.

The presence or absence of Self Love is reflected in all of your life experiences.

Everything you experience is either a Call for Love or an answer to the Call. ( Concept from a Course in Miracles.)

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